WeatherWire Studio – Added Feature

Just a quick post to show a new feature I am working on for WeatherWire Studio.  This is NWS NEXRAD radar. We are adding both static image and loops, full layering, and more.  With this feature WeatherWire Studio will download all radar layers for selected sites from NWS and compile them locally in real-time.

Radar - Mobile, AL Base Ref
An example of new radar functionality

Now…this is a bit of a proof of concept as not all controls and features are shown.  In addition, the radar sites do not always match the office identifier.  We are working though aligning radar identifiers and office identifiers so make sure all radars are included.

Radar - Mobile, AL Storm Rel Motion
Example of Mobile, AL Storm Rel. Motion

I’ll also point out that WireWire Studio supports Guam and Puerto Rico including text and graphic products.