bookmark_borderSneak Peek: WeatherWire Studio

WeatherWire Studio Browser Screen
WeatherWire Studio Browser

I wanted to post a sneak peek at the project I’ve been working on for several months now. This is WeatherWire Studio. With WeatherWire Studio you have full access to all weather products from the National Weather Service available via the National Weather Wire Service (NWWS).

I was writing a tool for EMWIN (Emergency Manager Weather Information Network) and had it about 75% of the way complete when I started to see notification that the National Weather Service was retiring EMWIN in favor of NWWS. So, EMWIN development stopped, and WeatherWire Studio development began.

The National Weather Wire Service is a replacement for the National Weather Service “Byte Blaster” service. This service was a “push notification” service. When you connected to the Byte Blaster network, the National Weather Service was able to push weather information and alerts to you as they became available.

NWWS is a step forward from EMWIN. Behind the scenes for NWWS is XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). This messaging protocol was formerly known as “Jabber”.

You need a subscription to access NWWS. The subscription is free but it can take a while for the account to be set up. I had some minor issues with my account early on, but the helpful folks at the NWS Help Desk fixed things right up.

WeatherWire Studio Message Display
WeatherWire Studio Message Display

WeatherWire Studio consists of several applications working together. The backend is based on MySQL database server. This can be running on Windows, Linux, or any platform supported. WeatherWire Studio has a Windows service that is running in the background, connected to NWWS, to collect, format, and store all messages pushed by NWWS. The Windows service is also responsible for dealing with the alerting that WeatherWire Studio has.

WeatherWire Studio Alert Configuration
Configuring alerts in WeatherWire Studio.

WeatherWire Studio can be configured to watch for specific, user-defined keywords. When found WeatherWire Studio can auto-print the article. It can also email the article. In addition, an external contact closure can be triggered to flash a light, sound an alarm, etc.

WeatherWire Studio is extensively configurable. One of the applications provided with WeatherWire Studio allows access to review and modify the various configuration options.

WeatherWire Studio Configuration
Built in configuration for WeatherWire Studio

All configuration options for all WeatherWire Studio applications are available on one screen. When you make changes to the configuration, the various applications will note that the configuration has changed and automatically update to the new settings.

WeatherWire Studio Office Filtering
Selecting NWS Offices to filter data

You also have the ability to filter the WeatherWire Studio Browser to not only show all messages from all NWS Offices, but you can create a filter on specific offices. A simple toggle on the WeatherWire Studio Browser screen can enable filtering by office or showing all NWWS messages.

For some articles that the National Weather Service releases there are embedded latitude and longitude information. WeatherWire Studio will note the existing of this data…

WeatherWire Studio Map Generation
Map generated from embedded data

…and can generate a map based on it. This allows you to not only see the textual data, but also a visual representation of the data. I still have some work to do on this feature.

I have a few more things to get into the package, then the next phase: data feed via the NWWS Satellite feed from Galaxy-28. This is one of the reasons I undertook this project to begin with. I’ve always been fascinated with satellite and microwave communications. Originally the project was to pick the EMWIN data from GOES-R. With EMWIN retired now, we’ll go for the data from Galaxy-28. Eventually WeatherWire Studio will pull data from Satellite and back-fill with Internet should messages be missed.

I’ll probably release a version without satellite down-link first. At least a beta release. I’ve got other projects my friends are waiting on me to complete so I need to get this initial release off my plate.

WeatherWire Studio is still under development but I will be looking for beta testers soon. If you are interested, contact me at